What about skin care products packaging?

What about skin care products packaging?


Daily life will certainly be used more to protect skin to taste, the skin care products is filling can be a lot of things, such as can do on the other hand, can also do things like cream. Also has a lot of gel type products, or a BB cream and hand creams are used.

Skin care products packaging can be divided into three layers, layered 5 layers. On the handle is has the difference, and the permeability is strong, like some 5 layer tube consists of outer lining phase, then there is also a composite layer, and this can prevent some fragrance or the inside of the material is seeping, if the seepage force is larger, you can choose the level more.

Hand cream hose

( 40ML-80ML Flat Hose with Pump Head Sunscreen Packaging )

Generated during production are relatively easy to use, and belongs to the medium can also use the monolayer, the hose diameter is about 13 ~ 60 have different caliber. If you have any requirements, you can directly order, with different length to the standard of different capacity, the characteristics of the more common is 100 Ml. Generally under capacity is larger, so the diameter will be more.

In the process also has to distinguish between the above, such as the circular tube, oval, fan-shaped super flat. General circumstances are common in this cover cover more have a transparent tube, frosted tube bead light tube and so on, general production cycle is 15 ~ 20 days can be completed. Also there is a big difference in terms of price, such as some manufacturers and the thermal transfer technology and hot stamping technology, the effect is good, cost is certainly a little more expensive.

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