What are the advantage composite hose?

What are the advantage composite hose?


In daily life, we often use cosmetics, the cosmetic is composed of plastic packaging, such as on the other hand cream or some hand cream and so on. Now more functional cosmetics, the grade difference is obvious, the packaging form makes people dazzling, at the same time, manufacturers have also can promote some packaging according to its own characteristics. The main plastic packaging cosmetics are composite tensile type and so on, can meet the multiple requirements.

Composite hoses, then we can have a look at this hose is composed of plastic film and aluminum foil, also done through pressing plate, and then add into a pipe shape of container. Structure is simpler, inside is polyethylene, flame retardant, and the result is really very good barrier property. The aluminum foil and the level of the barrier property are generally rising along with technical resources, the throttle was quite good.

Hand cream tube

( 50-100ml High-grade Aluminum Plastic Tube Packaging )

Pipe in use process, you will find that the resistive water resistance is good. Cosmetics is, after all, my face, also directly into the skin of the hand cream, in order to prevent the substance invasion to cosmetics, prevent oxidation and deterioration. So will use this material products, to prevent the water or the essence spread outward, can guarantee the quality of cosmetics.

As some hand cream is also this kind of packing, is also a hose, cost is low. In order to be able to get the block sex is stronger, so everyone will use this type. In addition to a full plastic composite, this also is a kind of plastic material, usually some low finished product packaging or fast packaging, with multiple composite materials.

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