• 1.How many quantities can be customized?

      For independent custom products, the MOQ is 10,000; the MOQ for white tubes is 5,000.

    • 2.How to charge for printing?

      It mainly depends on the printing process. The charges for different processes are different. Please contact customer service for details, and the specific quotation shall prevail.

    • 3.How many quantities can you customize the bottle color?

      More than 10,000 bottles can be sprayed with color. The bottle body spraying charges are based on the size of the bottle body, generally between 0.4 and 0.6 per bottle, please consult for specific quotations.

    • 4.How many quantities can be bronzing or silvering? How to charge?

      More than 10,000 pieces can be gilded or silvered, and the cost mainly depends on the area.

    • 5.How long does it take to print? How long does it take for bronzing? Spray color?

      It takes about ten days for single printing or bronzing, and fifteen to twenty days for color spraying and printing, depending on the consultation and reply.

    • 6.Will the quantity made and the quantity purchased must be the same?

      We will prepare more bottles to make the goods. Due to the different conditions of loss, the quantity may be more or less after completion. It is normal to have a quantity error of ±5% after processing. Compensation or reissue cannot be arranged, and will be based on the actual quantity. Count the money.

    • 7.Design manuscript related

      You need to provide vector ai or cdr format files, psd/jpg and other bitmaps cannot be used for printing. The printed graphic content provided by you should be used legally, otherwise all disputes and legal liabilities arising therefrom have nothing to do with the company, and you shall be fully responsible.

    • 8.Color related

      Provide the physical or Pantone color card number. The color sprayed or printed is a single color matching. There may be subtle differences between each batch, and we will try to avoid them.

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