DIA Biodegradable Cosmetic 45mm Tubes
  • 70ml environment-friendly kraft paper skin care product hose

    70ml environment-friendly kraft paper skin care product hose

    Reliable quality and diverse processes
    1. Affordable price:Factory direct sales eliminate the need for middlemen
    2. Short cycle:Factory single model Nissan 50,000-80,000;Stable personnel and short production cycle
    3. Fine workmanship:We have a group of advanced machinery and equipment and professional staff to ensure that every product is of high quality
    4. One-to-one service:We have an experienced sales force that can provide one-on-one service guidance and support private customization
    5. Preferred material:High-quality raw materials, absolutely in line with national inspection standards

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  • 120ml Clamshell Tube Package

    120ml Clamshell Tube Package

    product is a cosmetic container. The tube is triangular in shape and can be equipped with a black pentagonal flap. The method of use is to open the lid and extrude the material body. It can be used to pack facial cleanser and liquid foundation. The material is PE. We can use environmental friendly material PCR according to the needs of customers. The kraft paper material, the capacity and the printed text color can be customized, Our payment method supports foreign exchange, welcome to order

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