How to differentiate between PE, PET, PP plastic bottles?

How to differentiate between PE, PET, PP plastic bottles?


All walks of life all need plastic bottle packaging, as consumers, regardless of whether they are food packaging plastic bottles or daily necessities packaging plastic bottle, the bottle with PE, PET these symbol of plastic packaging material. What does this sign specific mean? What is the specific use of them? Consumers to see these signs should pay attention to what?

PE plastic bottles :

PE scientific name is PE, it is one of the world's largest synthetic resin production, is one of the biggest plastic packaging use material of consumption. PE material due to the small water imbibition insoluble in water, not easy to damp, has the advantages of the insulation performance, so is not only used in the food and drug packaging also can be used in the construction industry.

PE Plastic Bottle

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PET plastic bottles :

PET name called polyethylene terephthalate plastic, PET plastic raw material height of white or light yellow crystalline state. Relative to the PVC material, PET has good optical properties and weather resistance, non-toxic stability but no hot water immersion, not alkali resistance. PET bottle packing is suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics and other products packaging industry. Identify PET bottle is very simple, with a lighter bottle, PET bottle, if send out a comfortable taste is when sends out a pungent taste, it is not the pure PET bottle.

PP plastic bottles :

PP, scientific name called polypropylene PP plastic materials half crystalline state. PP material is a kind of commonly used plastic lighter in a common, its performance is excellent, used for high frequency insulation resistance to hot and humid, suitable for the automotive industry, daily necessities, such as packaging, in terms of food packaging, PP bottle cannot be used for carbonated drinks on the barrier property of packaging.

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