Cosmetics packaging what types of commonly used plastic tube?

Cosmetics packaging what types of commonly used plastic tube?


Cosmetics function and role of more and more refined, more and more functions are all the cosmetics, the grade difference obvious, dazzling packaging form. At the same time, the merchants in order to better promote their products, and according to the characteristics of the classification of packaging of cosmetics.

Cosmetics commonly used plastic hose are mainly Aluminum plastic tube, tensile plastic composite tube and plastic co-extrusion, tube can meet the diverse needs of health, such as blocking cosmetics packaging.

1, Aluminum plastic tube

aluminum plastic tube( 100ML Aluminum-plastic Welded Tube )

Aluminum plastic tube is aluminum foil and plastic film, sheet made by pneumatic composite technology, through special pipe material processed into tubular packaging container. Typical is the structure of the EAA of PE/PE/al/PE EAA/PE. Plastic composite tube is mainly used for packaging hygiene and high barrier property of cosmetics, its general for aluminum foil blocking layer, barrier property depends on the aluminum foil pinhole degree. As technology advances, aluminum-plastic composite tube thickness of aluminum foil shield reduced from 40 m to 12 m and 9 m, greatly save the resources.

Aluminum plastic tubes in use has the following advantages:

(1) Aluminum foil high barrier property, barrier property, resistance, water resistance, such as barrier property, invasion of cosmetics to prevent foreign materials, to prevent the oxidation cosmetics, prevent water or the composition such as essence in cosmetics by hose outward diffusion, guarantee the quality of cosmetics.

(2) the cost is low. Hand cream hose manufacturer to tell you that in order to achieve the same cut off performance, aluminum plastic tubes than all plastic composite hoses hose and plastic co-extrusion materials, low cost and economical efficiency.

2, all plastic composite hose

All ordinary composite hoses for plastic material, can be divided into ordinary unimpeded composite hoses and ordinary resistance composite hoses. Non-plugging composite hoses are normally used for low cost, fast, cosmetics packaging. Flat wall composite hoses in pipe sealing side seam, usually used for cheap cosmetics packaging. Barrier layer can be including EVOH, PVDC, oxide coating of multilayer composite materials such as PET. The typical structure of plastic block composite hose is PE/PE/EVOH/PE/PE.

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