Cosmetics packaging hose production way

Cosmetics packaging hose production way


Former hoses used in the cosmetics packaging, its main composition is polycarbonate (PC), its production process is simply by extrusion and blow molding, with the development of science and technology, cosmetics packaging production technology emerge in endlessly, has now completed the polyester (PET) injection, stretching and blowing, etc. The development and application of new technology. How much do you know about this?

First, the choice of the polyester PET material

Hand cream hose( Hand cream hose )

Want to have a good product, the outer packing is very important for the design and material selection. First the polyester PET material choice, hand cream hose manufacturer in daily production choose polyester PET as crystalline materials. With the conventional amorphous materials (such as PC) compared to crystalline materials in the process of drawing production is arranged in neatly and raised a lot of strength. At the same time in the process of the injection, stretching and blowing, polyester PET material under biaxial stretching, its two-dimensional strength also increase than in the past, hose products in reducing of wall thickness, so that more save materials. And compared with other crystal materials, PET transparent qing li, clairvoyant rate than glass effect is poor.

Second, new technology of hose production way

Before the production of cosmetics hoses, making use of extrusion, blow molding. After heating plastic screw drive, the friction of the melt plastic is squeezed into a cylindrical from the mold, then under the closed state, from the neck into the air, make the cylinder expansion and close to the mould wall and coolant. After completing this series of actions, to open mold to take out the bottle.

In the steps of the injection, stretching and blowing, with injection molding machine injection bottle embryo, first then before cooling or heating again softened bottle embryo, the longitudinal tensile bottle embryo, began at the same time blowing blowing (horizontal stretching) form a two-way stretch. Use this mode of production, can be flat bottleneck effect, at the same time also can reduce the thickness of the soft tube wall, make the hose is thinner and more easy to save material.

Third, according to different processing production technology, the injection, stretching and blowing process can be divided into step and two steps. Fill in one machine, stretching and blowing process is referred to as a step. After injection molding, bottle embryo cooled to about 110 ℃, step drawing blow. It has the advantage of energy saving, no artificial, less pollution. Purging and injecting these two steps, respectively on two machines. One is to use injection molding machine injection bottle embryo. 2 it is reheated at room temperature bottle embryo, and blow it into the bottle. The step on another "reheat blower" is complete.

Four, PET materials should be dry before using

Pet, PC, nylon, ABS and other plastics because of its characteristics, easy to absorb moisture in the air, water, therefore if not before injection discharge the water absorption, can lead to a plastic hydrolysis, so that the strength is unqualified, bad appearance, etc. Therefore, should be properly dry before injection molding processing.

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